Eva Cassidy – How Can I Keep from Singing

When you begin with a wonderful story; add some stellar vocals, mix in some incredible music and let it all sizzle together with a remarkable four-piece band,  you have the recipe for one fantastic evening of live entertainment.

How Can I Keep from Singing  pays tribute to Eva Cassidy, a North American treasure.

Led by the talented and versatile Cayla Brooke,

Cayla Singing

the show takes you on a journey from Eva Cassidy’s humble beginnings in Washington DC, to some of her most magical moments on stage and ultimately her untimely death in 1996.  A melodic journey that is as eclectic as it is interesting. With over 25 songs it’s an audible feast of musical styles ranging from jazz and blues, to gospel, country and folk. “Just none of that pop crap” as Eva would say. Where else can you hear Stormy Monday, Over the Rainbow, Wayfaring Stranger,  Fields of Gold and Danny Boy all in one setting?  Cayla deftly blends these songs together seasoning them with her own brand of wit and sparkle.

Cayla is joined on stage by the charismatic and gifted Tom Pickett adding some funk and good old fashioned soul to the mix. When these two join forces magic ensues. It is pure delight. They have so much fun performing one can’t help but smile.

Tom and Cayla4

With a spectacular four piece band headed by Bill Sample on piano and featuring such celebrated musicians as Rene Worst on Bass, David Sinclair on Guitar and Buff Allen on Drums the music sizzles to perfection.   More than a concert “How Can I Keep from Singing”  is a unique show full of surprises and one not to be missed. If you are unfamiliar with Eva Cassidy, her fans from around the world would tell you she’s worth getting to know. And if you are already a fan, you know what a delicious treat lays in store for you.


7 thoughts on “Eva Cassidy – How Can I Keep from Singing”

  1. Will this show ever come to Toronto?I would love to see it and am sure many others would too.

  2. I had the very good fortune to attend Cayla’s performance at the VIU theatre in Nanaimo . Her accomplished 4 piece band and locally inspired vocal backup added to the incredibe talent that she brought to her interpretation of Eva Cassidy’s most beloved songs. With a voice worthy of an improbable task, she not only hit the spine chilling notes, but also detailed the tragic history of Eva’s short life which made this a complete performance. Add to that her collaboration with Tom Pickett and you have an evening where you wipe away a tear and embrace the magic of a great talent!

  3. Fabulous show ! A ‘must see’ for music lovers! If you know Eva Cassidy, you will love this show. If you don’t know Eva Cassidy, you should, and this is a wonderful introduction to her. More than that, Cayla Brooke is a breathtakingly talented singer who can move you to tears with her rendition of ‘Danny Boy’. This very entertaining show is an amazing story with wonderful songs beautifully presented by great musicians. It deserves to be seen in New York and London. Catch it while you can.

  4. I laughed, I cried, it was better than Cats. But seriously, it was highly entertaining, well executed, touching and musically- rich. Heart-warming with a favorite song for everyone in the audience. Cayla’s voice soars through this complex and diverse repertoire. An immense talent with playful, rock-solid and inspiring band.

  5. This is a story that deserves to be told, indeed sung! A vital recording artist gone too soon — dying a way too young — a prodigious singer gifted with the voice and the gentle nature of an angel, known by far too few at the time her young life ended. It is a tragic and beautiful tale crafted and shared by an equally talented vocal artist in Cayla Brooke who literally brings to life the amazing story of Eva Cassidy and effectively introduces her talents to a whole new audience, and does so with verve, passion and sensitivity, delivering her songs with a musical flair and a dramatic touch worthy of all the acclaim that this wonderful production has received in its initial runs.

  6. What a fantastic show. Thank you for putting this on and telling so much of Eva’s story. Loved every minute of it.

  7. I saw this show in September 2013 and again this past May 2014.

    To put it simply I was blown away both times by the performances. This show is nothing short of phenominal. The music is spectacular. The story is both beautiful and touching. Each song is more beautiful than the last. Just when you think it cant get any better it does. This show is a must see. If you get a chance to see it go. You won’t be disappointed.

    Anne K. , West Vancouver, BC

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How Can I Keep from Singing